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  • General (Autodesk): Use this skeleton inside Maya, MotionBuilder, Blender, etc. The Online Style Viewer generates animations for this skeleton.
  • Unreal Engine: Use this skeleton inside Unreal Engine. Motorica Studio provides this skeleton out of the box and generates animations for it.

Asset Packs🔗︎

  • Unreal Engine: Contains the correctly imported Motorica_Char_ADSK skeleton in UE. It provides IK Retargeter assets to retarget from Motorica_Char_ADSK to SK_Motorica_Char_UE. Install the asset pack by extracting the zip file in your project's Content folder.

Motorica Studio (UE plugin)🔗︎

Follow the installation guide to install Motorica Studio. We recommend you use the latest UE version supported by Motorica Studio. Older UE versions may lose support in the future.


  • Blueprint and C++ projects are supported.


    Only the Development Editor build configuration is supported; other build configurations will not compile. This is a limitation of UE and we need to compile the engine ourselves to build binaries for the other configurations. Let us know if this is important to you and we will consider adding further support.

  • Windows is supported. Linux / MacOS is not supported.


UE 5.0 UE 5.1 UE 5.2 UE 5.3 UE 5.4
MotoricaStudio v0.1.0 Link Link Link Not supported Not supported
MotoricaStudio v0.2.0 Link Link Link Link Not supported
MotoricaStudio v0.3.0 Not supported Not supported Link Link Link

Linux / MacOS🔗︎

Not supported currently.