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Editor User InterfaceπŸ”—οΈŽ

The Motorica Studio Editor window is the place which houses all the main tools that Motorica Studio offers. This is where you can generate animations for your characters.

Launch the EditorπŸ”—οΈŽ

To open the Motorica Studio Editor, click the button with Motorica's logo in the Level Editor toolbar:

You can also open the window via Window > Motorica Editor from the main window:

Login to MotoricaπŸ”—οΈŽ

Motorica Studio requires an internet connection. Make sure that you have configured Motorica Studio correctly and login via the Networking panel:



The "Save" and "Browse" buttons on the left are always disabled / greyed out. This is not a bug, but a choice made due to technical limitations of the default Unreal Engine asset editor toolbar.

Level SwitchersπŸ”—οΈŽ

There are two buttons that let you switch the current level shown in the Motorica Studio Editor viewport.

  1. Clicking the "Wireframe Globe" button loads the default "Prototype" level that the Motorica Studio Editor starts with.

  2. Clicking the "Solid Globe" button loads the level that is currently opened in the main editor window.

    Use this feature to more easily generate animations that fit within your scene.


    Because the plugin does not support generating animations for retargeted characters, you should keep in mind that the above contextualization will suffer from different bone lengths between the source and target skeletons, particularly the hip height.


    World Partition / Streaming Levels are not supported by the editor. Loading such a level may cause the plugin editor viewport to display gray or black. In that case, you can either use the default β€œPrototype” level by pressing the Wireframe Globe button, or by loading a non-streaming level.

Editor Mode SelectorπŸ”—οΈŽ

This selector switches the current editor mode of the Motorica Studio Editor. Read more about editor modes on this page.

Add ActorπŸ”—οΈŽ

The "Add Actor" button in the Motorica Studio Editor toolbar spawns a character in the viewport scene. This character is commonly refered to as a Locomotion Actor.


When adding an actor to the scene, a track will spawn in the Timeline. Do not rename this track!


When adding an actor for the first time using Motorica Studio, the UE editor will freeze while the mesh loads.

Please wait for the mesh to load and do not close Unreal Engine. This can take between 15 seconds and 3 minutes depending on your hardware.

You can spawn more than one Locomotion Actor in the scene:


Currently, animations can be generated only for Locomotion Actors. If you wish to apply the animations to other characters, you will need to retarget the animations.


The "Settings" button opens the main Motorica Studio settings. This is a shorcut to the usual Edit > Project Settings > Plugins > Motorica Studio.

The end of the toolbar hosts several buttons that help you navigate to several useful resources:

  1. Motorica Studio Documentation - A place where you can learn how to use and leverage Motorica Studio's tools. You are currently reading this.
  2. Community Page - A place where you can engage with Motorica's community. Currently, we have a Discord server with over 3k members!
  3. Bug Report Page - A place where you can report bugs, share feedback, and request new features.



This section is not yet fully documented. However, tabs specific to editor modes are documented.

Networking PanelπŸ”—οΈŽ

The Networking panel is only used for logging in to Motorica. That's it!

Style BrowserπŸ”—οΈŽ

Style MixerπŸ”—οΈŽ