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Retarget to v0.3.0 skeleton🔗︎

This is a guide to retarget Animation Assets from the old MoStudio_Character_Skeleton skeleton to the new SK_Motorica_Char_UE_v1 one. You would need this if you generated animations using Motorica Studio v0.2.0 and below.


This guide is written for UE 5.4, but the process is similar in earlier versions.


With UE 5.4, Epic introduced code changes that broke root motion and motion matching on the default Motorica skeleton MoStudio_Character_Skeleton. Motorica Studio v0.3.0 introduces new skeleton assets to address this issue.

The new SK_Motorica_Char_UE_v1 skeleton is used by the plugin editor to generate animations. You are recommended to use this one. The old skeleton MoStudio_Character_Skeleton is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Retarget Steps🔗︎

  1. Select your animations
  2. Right-click and press "Retarget Animations"
  3. Set Target > Target Skeletal Mesh to SKM_Motorica_Char_UE_v1
  4. Disable Retargeter > Auto Generate Retargeter
  5. Set Retargeter > Retarget Asset to RTG_MoStudio-to-v1
  6. Select the animations to retarget from the list
  7. Click "Export Animations"
  8. Pick a save path


    Save in a different location from the source animations to retain their original names.

  9. (Optional) Add a suffix

  10. Press "Export"
  11. Press "Export" again
  12. Save your animations
  13. (Optional) Delete the previous animations